• How do I install Mitosis on my PC/Mac?

    To install Mitosis on your computer download it from Steam.

  • What are the controls on PC/Mac?

    Use your mouse to move around and absorb other cells. You can also press the SPACEBAR or DOUBLE CLICK to split all of your cells by 50%, this will also shoot your newly created cells forward which is used to absorb other cells. You can use W or HOLD LEFT CLICK to eject mass, feed other players, feed viruses or get you out of a plight: the less amount of mass you have the faster you can go. Press F to use potions. Press T to use chat in game. Press ESC to access the menu. Press S to change the system "SCORE" to "Current mass". Press G to spawn the pet.

  • What are the controls on Mobile?

    On mobile there are four types of controls: joystick, double joystick, tap to move, accelerometer.

    The joystick control mode is simple, you do have the joystick to control the cell on a side of the screen, on the opposite side there are the buttons that allow you to split, feed someone, use the potion or spawn the pet. The position of the buttons adapts depending on whether one is right or left handed, once you touch a side of the screen to move the joystick, the buttons will move to the opposite side. You can lock the buttons' side from the settings.

    The double joystick control mode is similar to the single joystick one, except for the fact that the split and the feed are performed respectively with a double or single secondary tap on the screen.

    The tap to move control mode removes the joystick; the cell follows your finger on the screen, releasing your finger the cell continue to follow the direction set.

    The Accelerometer control mode is self-explanatory: you can use the accelerometer to move your cell.

  • How the eject works?

    The eject occurs from the mother cell, which is the biggest cell. On PC/Mac you can recognize the mother cell because it is the one that has the cursor, while on mobile you'll find a viewfinder on it. The cursor and the viewfinder indicate the direction in which the mass will be shot. More mass the mother cell has, the more mass is ejected.

  • How can I eject mass continuously?

    Just keep pressed the feed button on mobile or W / LEFT CLICK on PC/Mac.

  • How the split works?

    The split divides your cells giving a boost to the new cells created in the direction of the current movement of cells. The maximum number of cells that you can have is 8.

  • What is the difference of "Mass" and "Score"?

    "Mass" is your current amount of mass, and "Score" represents your highest mass achieved in the current game.

  • How can I see mass instead of score?

    Just click or tap the "Score" label on the top left of the screen while playing.

  • I see people eating the viruses, how do I eat them?

    To eat the viruses you need to reach the max number of cells, which is 8, and your cell needs to be large enough to absorb the virus.

  • When daily and weekly rankings are reset?

    12:00 AM CET

  • How do I use Custom skins?

    To use Custom skins feature click the "Create" button on top left of the skin store. You may draw or load an image from your device. Once the skin is uploaded, it's necessary to wait for the skin approval.

  • How skin approval works?

    The approval process consists of a queue during which the skin is hand-checked by our staff as soon as possible. Approval usually takes a few hours. At the end of this process there are three possible results: approved, rejected, banned. The elements universally judged inappropriate as highly explicit images or drawings of not exposed body parts can lead to ban of the skin. Banned skins are simply removed, losing the coins used to create it. After a number of repeated banned skin the user may lose the ability to upload or draw custom skins. The reviewer may at its discretion instead reject the skin, in this case the skin is still removed but the user will receive the credits back. The reasons that can lead to rejection of the skin are varied, hereinafter a non-exhaustive list: images containing elements of the game, screenshots, images that contain interface elements of other games or other programs, symbols prohibited in some states, images that can be subject of ridicule towards minorities, images that are considered highly unsightly, offensive gestures, bad language, double entender images, images almost entirely single color filled, and so on...

    In all other cases the images are simply accepted; you will receive a notification and you can finally use the image as your skin.

  • How does the evolution work?

    As soon as you reach level 69 you can evolve, the first evolution is "Golden Evolution".

    When you evolve you return to level 1 but you don't lose the previous purchased equipment nor items. Evolutions give you access to more powerful equipments and increase your general attributes.

    Moreover, you gain access to life time discounts on power up items.

  • Can I buy the Sapphire Evolution directly?

    Each evolution requires the previous one, you must have the Golden and Ruby to acquire Sapphire Evolution.

  • How do Pets work?

    You can buy Pets to get extra help during games, after having purchased and placed in the equipment the pet, you can call it during the game. Your pet will eat the food independently, smaller enemies will be absorbed by it, when you give mass to your pet you ask his attention, so he can attack the enemies on you order "shooting" mass toward them. The pet also works as your second life if you die you will be transferred to the pet. You can absorb the pet after after a certain period of time.

  • How do I exchange diamonds per coins?

    After collecting 500 diamonds go to the achievements list, find "Gold for diamond" achievement, select it and click on "Get Reward" on top right to exchange 500 diamonds for 600 coins.

  • How do I create a Guild?

    In the main menu, scroll to the Guild War menu and click on "Create a new guild", select a name of your guild, type a description and set requirements to get into it. 1000 coins will be needed to create.

  • How does the automatic payment of the guilds?

    All coins collected in this mode are stored in the guild bank, each Wednesday the system will automatically distribute the 80% (max 10k coins) of the guild bank coins to the players

    who have played, with this formula:

    1 match = 1 pt

    1 win = 2 pt

    The owner of the guild can donate coins manually as follows:

    To people who played less than 25% of the matches in past 7 days -> 200 coins

    Between 25 and 50 -> 500 coins

    Over 50% -> 1000 coins

  • I can not invite a friend to my guild, what happened?

    Probably already in a guild or he received coins of any guild, in latter case you must wait 24 hours after receipt of the coins to send the invitation.

  • I forgot the password for parental control, how can I remove it?

    -On mobile devices you just have to reinstall the game.

    -On PC you have to delete the folder 'C:/Users/[Username]/AppData/Roaming/com.freakinware.mitosis'.

    -On Mac delete the folder '/Users/[Username]/Library/Application Support/com.freakinware.mitosis'.

  • What if I remove and install again the app? Will I lose anything?

    As long as you remember your username and password you can safely uninstall the application and reinstall it. Once you log back into your account you will have everything as you had before. All that you see in the app about your account is stored on the server so you will not lose anything.

  • When the game is loading I only see White Screen on the computer, how to solve it?

    In most of the cases the GPU is not supported, sometime it can be solved by upgrading the video drivers and installing the last version of Adobe AIR from here

  • My screen goes with blur effect, how do I fix it?

    To solve the blur problem when using Intel HD Graphics open the control panel and disable anti aliasing.

  • The game does not leave the loading screen, what should I do?

    Try to restart the game and use another connection if the problem persists please contact support at [email protected].

  • I forgot my password, how to recover my account?

    Open the game settings by pressing the gear in the bottom right of the Home, then select "Contact Developer". A wizard will help you to get a new temporary password.

  • Where do I enter coupon code?

    On top-right of the store screen there is the button use coupon.